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Dave Montore

I’m a sardonic direct response copywriter who explains complex ideas with clear prose in clever ways.Raised in a parallel version of Two-and-a-Half Men starring Don Draper and Dennis Miller.And I have but two criteria for who I help:1. You’re a decent person2. You sell a quality product or serviceThat’s it.All I want to do is sell good stuff on behalf of good people.Adults.Picky, I know...Oh, and you have to understand the power of marketing.Seems obvious, but not everyone gets it and I don't have time to "educate" my clients.I need people who understand that killer copy + sound strategy = cashola.People who appreciate that their market dictates their message…Not their mother-in-law “who’s a pretty good writer”....Or their 8-year old who “had the most interesting idea yesterday”.I need people like the good folks at Ledger.Besides having a revolutionary Web3 product that liberates humanity from the clutches of tyrants and villains…Everything they do is determined by their market, not their egos.They demand the best from themselves, for their customers.We’ve done a lot together over the past couple years...Emails, tutorial videos, banner ads, app store descriptions, landing pages, product launches, Amazon store product pages and A+ content...Here’s what they had to say about working with me:"Dave is a pro. He's responsive, he hits his deadlines, he understands our product, and he does great work."Cyril Blanc, head of Media @ Ledger ( had a blast recently…Super Bowl promos, Valentine’s Day promos, email automation flow revamps…They’re one of my favorite clients and they've said they'll be sticking with me as long as I want to write for them.I’m not exclusive to global brands, though…I also help small businesses, like my fellow veterans at JHR Photography:“Your email sequences helped us 3x our revenue from each event.”Jayson Rivas - Founder and CEOSo…Ads and emails are my jam, but I do a good bit of landing page and web copy…Plus I've got a network of A-list marketers in my stable, so I can flex to whatever you need.So if you need some righteous copy…(Or if you aren’t sure what you need, and want some help figuring that out)And if you're ready to work with someone who takes this more seriously than you...Drop a line: dave@montoresolutions.comWe'll hop on a quick call and figure it out.Oh! That reminds me...I meant to reassure you about this earlier, but...I’m niche-agnostic.You see, a solid copywriter doesn't need direct experience to write lethal copy.Deep research, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of human psychology…Those are the great equalizers.I was a Green Beret for 17 years before this.I spent every day of those nearly two decades influencing people who rarely even spoke my language...And I was damn good at it because I get people on a primal level.That’s why I write for everything from porta-potty rentals, to DeFi, to dApps, to personal development programs and more.So don’t get hung up on the crypto/Web3/photography testimonials…Whatever you need, I can help you with.Shoot me an email and we'll get you started.Or fill out the form below.Up to you.

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